Jorma Wiitakorpi

b. 1957

President and CEO
Employed by Efore since April 29, 2016

Since 1984, Jorma Wiitakorpi has occupied various management positions in the manufacturing industry. For the past several years Jorma Wiitakorpi has worked in interim director positions, management advisory and as a board professional. Previously he held the CEO position at Patria Oyj, Reka Kaapeli Oy, Asko Appliances Oy, Uporef Oy and Isora Oy. Wiitakorpi has been Chairman or a Member of the Board of Directors in more than 20 companies.


Alessandro Leopardi

b. 1968

Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing
Employed by Efore since 2013, member of EMT since 2013

Alessandro Leopardi previously held the position of Head of Business Unit - Industrial at Efore (2013 - 09/2015). Before joining Efore, Alessandro acted as CEO & General Manager of ROAL Electronics SpA (2006 - 2013), and prior to that as General Manager and Sales Director (2000 -2005).

Martin Raznovich

b. 1971

Employed by Efore since  2013, member of EMT since 2016

Martin Raznovich was Group CFO in ROAL Electronics when Efore acquired ROAL in July 2013, and since then he has covered the roles of Industrial BU controller and recently Group Controller for Sales. His previous roles include various international leadership roles at Sirti SpA in Spain, UK, Italy, Germany and in the USA (1997-2010).


Ruben Tomassoni

b. 1974

Vice President, Sourcing and Procurement
Employed by Efore since 2013, member of EMT since 2015

Previously, Ruben Tomassoni held the position of Head of Global Sourcing at Efore (2013 - 2015). Prior to Efore he acted as Supply Chain Director and EMEA Business Development Manager at ROAL Electronics S.p.A. (2006 - 2013).

Samuli Räisänen

b. 1968

Executive Vice President, Technology & Development
Employed by Efore since  2016, member of EMT since 2016

Samuli Räisänen previously served as CTO at Powernet Oy, Program Manager at Murata Electronics Oy, and as Product Development Manager and Engineering Manager at Vaisala Oyj.