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Our story began in March 1975 in the beautiful landscapes of Saarijärvi, Finland, famously known as the “Land of a Thousand Lakes.” Starting as a small six-person engineering office, we have grown into an international company. Over nearly 50 years, we have gained valuable expertise in designing, developing, and manufacturing energy storage systems and lithium batteries. Our commitment to innovation and quality has driven us to serve a wide range of industries, including telecom, commercial, industrial, and residential sectors.

Our headquarters is based in Espoo, Finland, with sales, marketing, and R&D functions located in Europe and China. In late 2019, we became part of the Shenzhen Kexin Communication Technologies Co. Ltd group, further expanding our global reach and capabilities.

Secure Your Energy

Power outages and unreliable power sources are common issues worldwide. Efore provides a strong and reliable solution designed to meet different requirements.

Whether you’re a homeowner, small business owner, or enterprise manager, you deserve uninterrupted power 24/7. Our power and battery solutions provide the perfect answer to your power challenges, ensuring a reliable and continuous power supply.

Save Cost

Once the basic issue of unreliable power is resolved, new opportunities arise. Like any investment, implementing energy storage or backup power systems requires funding.

By incorporating intelligence into the energy storage system, you can charge the batteries when electricity tariffs are low and discharge them when tariffs are high. This strategy can generate savings, helping to recoup the investment in the energy storage system.

Generate Revenue

In some countries, local electricity providers may want to use energy from your storage systems. If this option is available in your area, you could even start earning from your energy storage.

One common mechanism is to sell the energy from your batteries back to the electricity provider. By charging your batteries when tariffs are low and discharging them when you don’t need the energy, you can optimize your savings and revenue.

Additionally, consider the potential benefits of installing solar panels on your roof, which can further enhance your energy efficiency and financial returns.

Our Solutions

Lithium Batteries

The core components of backup power and energy storage systems are the battery cells and modules used to construct individual batteries.

Efore’s dedicated R&D team and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities provide a diverse range of battery shapes and sizes to meet your power solution needs.

Whether you require custom-made batteries tailored to your specific requirements or ready-made off-the-shelf batteries and modules, we have the right options for you. Our flexible offerings ensure that you can find the perfect fit for any application or use case, delivering reliable and efficient energy storage solutions.

Energy Storage

Whether you are a homeowner or a decision-maker in a company of any size, uninterrupted electricity supply is crucial.

Efore’s energy storage solutions offer the capacity needed to withstand power outages, ensuring continuous and reliable power.

Our energy storage systems (ESS) are purposefully designed for ease of installation and scalability. From simple residential setups to custom large-scale industrial storage solutions, Efore provides robust and efficient options to meet your specific needs. With Efore’s ESS, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your power supply is secure and reliable, regardless of the circumstances.


Efore specializes in providing custom power units for telecom equipment. We also offer comprehensive site power solutions, including telecom-specific batteries tailored to meet your needs.

Our ICT-specific batteries are designed to fit seamlessly into standard 19″ IT/telecom racks, ensuring reliable backup power to maintain continuous connections and services.

Our hybrid power and telecom equipment cabinets provide a space-efficient solution by integrating communication equipment and power systems into a single, compact cabinet. This innovative approach maximizes your available space while delivering robust, reliable power for your telecom infrastructure.



Efore offers custom-designed power systems specifically for industrial equipment.

We have supplied original equipment manufacturer (OEM) power systems tailored to various specifications and use cases for industrial machinery manufacturers. Our expertise allows us to meet the unique power demands of different types of machinery, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Additionally, we can design custom backup battery solutions to provide uninterrupted power to your machinery, safeguarding against power interruptions and maintaining continuous operation. Our solutions are engineered to meet the specific requirements of your industrial applications, delivering dependable power when you need it most.

Fully automated battery cell factory

Our cell factory in China is equipped with the latest technology and expertise to deliver customized solutions for your power and energy needs. Whether you need batteries for industrial, telecom or energy storage applications, we have the right products for you. Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of performance, safety, and durability. 

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