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Our story began at March 1975 in “Land of a Thousand Lakes” Finland and since then we have been serving customers in worldwide.

We are an international company which specialized in design, development and production of demanding energy products. Our products are used in demanding telecom, industrial and distribution applications.

Our head office is based in Finland and its sales, marketing and R&D functions are located in Europe and China. In late 2019, Efore became part of Shenzhen Kexin Communication Technologies Co. Ltd group.

Secure your energy

Power cuts or unreliable power source is common problem all around the world.

Efore has designed robust solution for different use cases. It does not matter if you are house owner, small business owner or manager in enterprise. You all would like to have uninterrupted power 24/7.

With our power and battery solutions it is possible to create suitable answer to your problems.

Save Cost

After the basic issues of unreliable power is solved, comes new opportunities. As any investment, energy storage or backup power cases will need funding  to build the system.

When you add some intelligence on the energy storage system, you could charge batteries when there is low electricity tariff and discharge when tariffs are high. With this you can create savings to pay back the energy storage investment.

Generate Revenue

In some countries the local electricity provider would like to use energy from the energy storage’s. If this is available in your location, you could even start to earn with your storage.

There are multiple mechanisms, but most common is to sell back the energy from the batteries to your energy provide.

Same as before charge when low tariff and discharge when you do not need the energy and company does. Think also what you can do with solar panels on the roof would add in your pocket

Our Solutions

Lithium Batteries

The heart of backup power and energy storages are the battery cells and modules that are used to build individual batteries.

Efore’s own R&D and factory provides different shapes and sizes that you can use for your power solutions.

You can choose either custom made or ready made off-the-shelf batteries or modules for your application and use case.

Energy Storage

Whether you are home owner or decision maker in any size of a company, you might like to have uninterrupted electricity supply.

Efore energy storage solution can provide enough capacity to survive the power cuts. 

Our ESS are design on purpose for simple to install residential to custom large scale industrial storages.


Efore provides custom power units for telecom equipment.

We can also provide a complete site power solution with telecom specific batteries.

We have ICT specific batteries that can be installed in standard 19″ IT / telecom rack in order to provide backup power to secure the continuous connections and services.

Our hybrid power and telecom equipment cabinets can create footprint efficient solution with communication equipment and power solution in same cabinet.


Efore provides custom designed power systems for industrial equipment.

We have provided OEM power systems for various characteristics and various use cases to industrial machinery manufacturers.

We can design custom backup battery for your machinery in order to provide uninterrupted power to the machinery

Fully automated battery cell factory

Efore is a part of Kexin Group, a global player in the production of high-quality and reliable batteries and cells. Our cell factory in China is equipped with the latest technology and expertise to deliver customized solutions for your power and energy needs.

Whether you need batteries for industrial, telecom or energy storage applications, we have the right products for you. Our products are designed to meet the highest standards of performance, safety, and durability. 

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