Efore mission is to produce efficient and high-quality power supplies and power systems to demanding current and future customer needs. Efore will be part of creating digital and electric customer business and operating environment and contribute in enabling sustainable development.
The following four cornerstones will be important elements in Efore future operations.
These four cornerstones create solid ground for building the future growth of Efore. 


Efore focuses on delivering demanding power systems and supplies for a wide range of challenging industry applications including telecom, industrial automation, advanced lighting systems, military electronics, transport systems, material handling equipment, and electricity storage systems. Efore’s own product development and innovation focuses on the intelligent, customized, modular and high-performance systems in close partnership with key customers. Efore products focus strongly on lifecycle management and total cost optimisation. 


Regional market expertise and capability to listen to customers’ industry-specific needs continue to be an important part of Efore operating model. Product development and product management is based on product platform and modularity thinking. Flexible combination of efficient product platform and module development enable that customer and customization needs can be fulfilled cost-efficiently and fast.   


Efore own technologies and product development capabilities and capacity are strengthened by close co-operation with carefully selected partners. Simple mass market products time to time needed by our key customers are manufactured together with our partners specializing in high volume production. In addition to own capacity and resources, Efore utilizes also complementary regional partners in product and system lifecycle management and maintenance.


Efore continues to improve its operations and cost efficiency by renewing the operational IT systems and by improving the raw material availability and cost-efficiency with close partnerships. Efore organizational model supports also simple and fast decision making, which is further improving the cost efficiency. Efore targets to further reduce the group general and administration costs by EUR 0.5 million and the operating costs in Italy, Tunisia and the United States by a total of EUR 1 million. 


Efore's target is to achieve strong net sales and profitability growth in both Industrial and Telecom businesses. 
Efore also aims to offer an expanded product portfolio and larger solutions to current customers, and make Efore an even more significant partner for them.
In addition, we are actively seeking new customers for demanding and harsh environment products and solutions. Flexibility built by product platforms and a modular approach will be a strong contributor in making this happen. 
Future growth areas for both Efore's own and partner products will be areas such as computer centers, power electronics for solar panel systems and expanding to solutions for railway and other demanding transportation systems.