Efore aims for its products and services to be world class in terms of both quality and environmental aspects. Efore’s responsibilities and strong commitment to quality are defined by the quality policy followed in all our operations. Every employee is committed to following the quality policy and related instructions.

Efore is ISO 9001:2015 certified. This means that we fulfill the demanding quality requirements of our global customers. Similarly, we demand that our suppliers conform to the ISO 9001:2015 standard in their operations. In developing its quality performance further, Efore has a long tradition of applying the principle of continuous improvement.


Examples of our quality achievements:

  • “Preferred Supplier” status granted by our customers, enabling direct site deliveries
  • “Supplier of the Year” status awarded by our customers, for best quality performance
  • Our customers have chosen us as a partner for their internal quality improvement programs



Efore’s quality policy defines our commitment and responsibilities to quality. The policy shall be followed in all our operations. Every Efore employee is expected to follow the quality policy and the related instructions. 


World-class quality

  • We meet our commitments
  • We do everything we can to meet our customers’ needs
  • Our goal is to provide the best total value

Quality by everyone

  • We are committed to Efore’s values
  • Every employee contributes to high quality
  • Everyone has the right to expect quality


  • We are a reliable partner for everyone involved, both internally and externally
  • Our quality is built on open communication

Continuous improvement

  • We continually improve the quality of our products, services and operations
  • Sharing and learning good work practices is our way of working