EFORE Introduces Latest Addition to New STRATO EVO Product Family


07 May 2018 – Osimo, Italy -  After the successful introduction of STRATO EVO 40W 900mA RTLD040-900A-SA-RF at this year's Strategies in Light Show, EFORE is now launching the newest member of their EVO LED Driver family: STRATO EVO 40W 1400mA version RTLD040-1400A-SA-RF.

EFORE’s STRATO EVO is the first LED Driver that incorporates the lighting industry's most desirable features into a single power module. There are other LED drivers that are compact, programmable, offer multiple dimming choices, a wide output voltage range, or PF and THD performance that enables Energy Star and DLC fixture approvals and California Title 24 compliance. EVO is the only driver series that packs all of these highly desirable features into a single solution.

STRATO EVO is a 40 W LED Driver series that gives LED lighting fixture manufactures a simple and compact driver solution that replaces up to 28 current models, lowering inventory risks and easing fixture design-in across a broad range of applications. With the wireless RFID programmability feature, designers can easily set key output characteristics of single or multiple drivers without the need to power them on, or remove them from their packaging, significantly speeding up the manufacturing process.

STRATO EVO’s programmable output current range is the widest on the market, offering adjustability from 150mA to 1400mA, depending on the model. Additional programmable features include fade time setting, multiple dimming mode settings (0-10V with DTO), constant light output (DALI only) and NTC 100k/10kΩ.

The newly released RTLD040-1400A-SA-RF features are listed below:

  • 8 year warranty under useful life conditions
  • Wide input range: 120/220-240/277 VAC
  • Total Output power: 39.2W
  • Output Current Programmable Range: 200 – 1400mA
  • Output Voltage Range: 20 - 43VDC
  • PF > 0.9, THD < 20%
    • 120 VAC: 30-100% load
    • 240 VAC: 50-100% load
    • 277 VAC: 60-100% load
  • Low stand-by power 0.5 W
  • Fast turn on time 300 ms
  • IP64
  • 90°C case
  • Very low dimming 1% @ max current
  • 0-10V with DTO (dim to off)
  • Temperature sense protection for LEDs
  • Programmable via EFORE wired and wireless RFID tools and software


Class II isolation approvals

The new STRATO EVO RTLD040-1400A-SA-RF is now available for sampling and suitable for worldwide deployment.


About Efore Group

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