EFORE Introduces New Modular DC/DC Converter to OPUS Product Family


01 November 2018

EFORE's OPUS product family has a new addition. The modular EDC 750W and EDC 500W DC/DC converter family is the ideal solution to supply multi-voltage backup power to critical auxiliary equipment from the station main battery system. The new EDC family of modular DC/DC converters offer conversion solutions from 40 VDC to 300 VDC input range to any DC output from 0 to 144 VDC, with adjustable current limit from 0 to 30A. Its modular and N+1 redundant power architecture is scalable from 500 W to 10 kW. 

These new converters are compatible with the OPUS DC Power Systems family, as well as being suitable for use in stand alone applications. Integrating these new converters is more cost effective and requires less maintenance than building a separate battery backup system for critical auxiliary equipment such as 48VDC communication equipment in power transmission substations where battery systems are either 110VDC or 220VDC. Remote monitoring is available with the VIDI Controller via web interface, SNMP, Modbus, TCP/IP or traditional relays.

Available configurations include a full shelf of modular EDC converters, or a multi-voltage power system combining EFORE's modular rectifiers and EDC modular converters. Typical applications for this new product include Utility Communications Systems, Telecom site auxiliary systems, voltage regulation for sensitive loads, or Galvanic Isolation between different grounding systems. 

For more information please visit the EDC DC/DC Converters page on our website.