Efore receives multiple top Supplier Awards from National Instruments Corporation


Efore is once again recognized with multiple performance awards by National Instruments Corporation. Throughout 2016 Efore consistently performed beyond expectations to receive the following three awards:

‐ Best in Class Supplier  - providing superior value complete solutions
‐ Quality Award  - for all four quarters of fiscal year 2016
‐ Top Tier 1 Supplier                                                                                               

National Instruments confirmed Efore as the Best in Class Tier 1 partner for outstanding quality performance, valuable service and continuous improvements demonstrated. Efore’s advanced solutions are based on the latest cutting edge technology, bringing very high impact in value for the whole PXI product platform, including the new STS systems and RF product lines, helping NI achieve the highest customer satisfaction.

Efore has continued to provide National Instruments with high quality Power Solutions. They work closely with our Manufacturing teams to hit delivery dates and our R&D teams to develop innovative new products.  The awards Efore received this year reflect the continued level of outstanding partnership between our companies.  Dave Colyar, National Instruments Corporate Global Commodity Manager added, “Congratulations on another successful year in 2016”.

"We are very proud to receive National Instruments’ honorable recognition once again. Assignment of these awards is a clear confirmation of our consistency in deliveries and very valuable services enabling our customer to rank as the world class leader in the market place.” says Mr. Alessandro Leopardi, Efore EVP Sales & Marketing.

This was the sixth time Efore was awarded by National Instruments, achieving Supplier of the Year in 2014, Best On-Time Delivery Supplier in 2013, and within the TOP21 recipients of National Instruments' 2012 Global Supplier Award.


Jorma Wiitakorpi
President and CEO

For further information please contact Alessandro Leopardi, EVP Sales & Marketing, tel. +39 071 7214 6407 or Jorma Wiitakorpi, President and CEO, tel. +358 40 175 8510.