EFORE Sells Back its Minority Share of Vox Power


 Continues the Well-proven Collaboration Between the Companies

Efore sells its 11 250 (8,92%) ordinary shares of power supply vendor Vox Power back to Vox Power. The selling price is 39,1 euros per share.The two companies started a collaboration in 2009, during the development of modular and configurable power supplies. As part of the partnership, Efore also acquired a minority share of Vox Power’s capital stock.

As the nature of this co-operation has since developed towards normal supplier co-operation, companies have together agreed that Vox Power will buyback these shares. “The commercial cooperation between the companies will continue unchanged despite this share buyback”, says Carlo Rosati, EVP of Digital Power and Light, Efore.

For more information, please contact:

Vesa Leino

CEO, Efore

tel. +358 40 759 8956



Carlo Rosati

EVP of Digital Power and Light, Efore

tel. +393 35 135 7167



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