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Whatever your need, our dedicated team of professionals are ready to support you. We have experienced team members in Finland, Italy, the USA and China ready to assist with new design-ins, on-going programs, or technical related questions. Our carefully selected network of sales partners provide additional points of service worldwide.

Click on one of the selections below to connect with a sales support person near you. If you do not see a location near you listed, please contact Efore's main office in Finland directly and we will be happy to assist you.

For DC Power Systems Sales, please choose from the following contacts:

  • Tuomo Rasanen - EMEA (Scandinavia & Western Europe), Americas -  +358 50 331 4084
  • Alexander Grabovsky - Eastern Europe, Russia & CIS  Countries -  +358 45 657 7134
  • Mikko Sajavuori - Finland, Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Area -  +358 50 556 6476



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