Financial Estimate


Financial estimate for 2018 (published Aug. 16, 2018, H1/2018 report)

Due to the financial situation of the Group and especially uncertainty related to the market development of the telecommunications sector giving earnings guidance has been exceptionally challenging.

Due to this reason Efore has e.g. in the stock exchange release published on April 27, 2018 stated that “Due to the net sales development during the first half of 2018 and planned structural arrangement of telecom business as well as due to strengthening the capital structure and development of other businesses, Efore does not at the moment give earnings guidance for the full year 2018 “

During the first half of the year visibility to the rest of the year telecom business market situation has improved. Product launches completed during spring and summer time together with activities to adjust costs and increase efficiency have also improved visibility to the Group 2018 financial development. With these changes and actions the company expects to reach significantly better operating result during second half of the year than during the first half year. Company also expects to reach positive cash flow from operations during the last 6 months of the year. Nevertheless, the full year 2018 operating result and cash flow from operations will remain negative.