Investor Communications

The objective of Efore"s investor relations is to provide precise and up-to-date information on the Efore Group"s business operations and financial development. Efore publishes all investor information on the Internet pages in Finnish and English.

 This investor relations program involves the following activities:

  • Annual report
  • Interim reports
  • General meeting
  • Stock exchange releases
  • Conference calls in relation to announcements
  • Presentations by the management at investor seminars
  • One-on-one meetings with analysts, fund managers and financiers

The company's President and CEO is responsible for Investor Relations.

Efore's website

Efore  publishes its annual report, the annual financial statements release and half-year report in Finnish and English. The stock exchange releases and press releases are available on the internet immediately after they are published. The other material presented at its investor meetings is also published on the company"s website.

Silent period

Efore observes 30 days silent period  preceding the publication of its results. During this time, Efore issues no statements on its financial position or business development.

Investor relations contacts

President and CEO
Vesa Leino, firstname.surname[at], tel. +358-9-478 466.

Olli Mustonen, firstname.surname[at], tel. +358-9-478 466.