Lithium battery solutions

Experience the convenience of our design, allowing for easy installation and maintenance.

Our modular design caters to different capacity requirements, offering a flexible solution for your power needs.

Lithium Battery modules

Our cells features that are designed to revolutionize the energy storage experience.

We offer a range of cells including 53Ah, 100Ah, and 150Ah.

Our products are synonymous with safety and reliability, having obtained international certifications such as UL and IEC.

Our cells are designed for longevity, offering a long battery life and warranty period.

We ensure 100% process traceability, empowering every battery cell. Our production is 100% automated, combining high precision and efficiency to ensure the consistency of our battery cells.

Available products

We utilize automotive-grade CCS one-piece busbars for efficient module grouping, simplifying the process. Our automated laser welding is controlled and traceable through MES, ensuring quality and precision.

Safety and reliability are our priorities. Our product comes with an in-built fuse function and optional protection for quick restoration to normal use under abnormal conditions.

Our standard module can be used to build various size and characteristic batteries based on your requirements. We are open to create custom modules for your needs.


Experience the convenience of our battery design, adaptable to most finished cabinets, ensuring a seamless fit into your existing setup.

Our multiple battery models that are designed for ICT back-up power use and energy storage applications.

Easy and Safe Installation. Our product is easy and safe to install, featuring an anti-theft feature for added security.

Easy Expansion. Our product supports easy expansion with auto address assignment during parallel connection of batteries.

Long Life. Our product offers a long cycle life and service life, ensuring a reliable power solution for years to come.

Modular Fan-Free Design. Our modular fan-free design ensures quiet and efficient operation.

Remote Monitoring. Our product supports remote real-time monitoring of battery data, keeping you informed about your power usage.

Environmentally Friendly. Our product is safe and green, contributing to a healthier environment.

Available products
  • Standard pull-out energy storage battery.
  • IBUE batteries (telecom and ICT use)
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