Can you design electronics in Italy that are appreciated all over the world?


We had to come to Texas to find out, and we're happy to share the news: National Instruments’ “Supplier of the Year” was Efore, a leading multi-national company in Finland, which in 2013 acquired the Italian manufacturer ROAL Electronics.

Image courtesy of Struymentazione Elletronica
Courtesy of Strumentazione Elettronica

National Instruments uses modular power supplies in its PXI systems that are designed in the Marche hills in Efore's research and development laboratories, which are then produced at global Efore production sites and delivered to National Instruments.

It is a pleasure to note that by working well and with enthusiasm we can produce electronic products that are appreciated worldwide, and that are able to overcome barriers and preconceptions: to develop competitive electronics in Italy is possible!

Congratulations to the whole Efore team.

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