Efore single output AC/DC power supplies are designed for high reliability and efficiency. Small form factors, flexibility and tight adherence to current safety regulations ensure a quality solution that meets the exact needs for a wide variety of applications.
SFA160 AC/DC Power Supplies

SFA160 AC/DC Power Supplies

The SFA160 series of single output AC/DC power supplies fits industry standard 2" x 4" x 1" package requirements, is 91% efficient, and comes in 12, 24, and 48 VDC output variants with an auxiliary 12V fan output.

DDP200 AC/DC Power Supplies

The DDP200 series of IT and Industrial grade power supplies are designed to offer the high power density and high efficiency that space constrained and power demanding systems need.

DDP400 AC/DC Power Supplies

Reliable, efficient and compact, Efore's DDP400 series of single output AC/DC power supplies are approved to the latest ITE safety standards and offer designers a choice of package types, including open frame, u-chassis, sealed, fan-cooled and perforated covers.

DDP400 High Input Voltage AC/DC Power Supplies

Ultra compact and highly efficient, the high input voltage DDP400HV series of single output AC/DC power supplies provides a steady or continuous 400 W of regulated DC power through the full input voltage range.

SLP420 Open Frame AC/DC Power Supplies

The new SLP420 AC-DC power supply is a highly efficient (94%), compact solution with high input-to-output isolation to meet SELV requirements. Designed for IT/Industrial, LED video wall displays and LED lighting applications, it provides 420 W of regulated DC power through the full 100 – 277 VAC nominal input voltage range. Available in an open frame 3.0 x 5.0 x 1.5” form factor, the SLP420 provides a nominal 48 VDC regulated output voltage which can be manually adjusted up to 51 VDC.

DDP460 Open Frame AC/DC Power Supplies

The new DDP460 power supplies are an efficient (94% typical), compact solution designed for IT/Industrial, LED video wall displays and LED lighting applications. The 3 x 5 x 1.5” form factor provides 460 W of output power with forced air cooling and 330 W with free air making it suitable for tight spaces requiring good thermal management.

DDP600 AC/DC Power Supplies

Compact, efficient 600 W rated AC/DC power supplies, the DDP600 series offers very high efficiency (94% typical), and high peak power capability (800 W peak for 10s) from a single output, and is suitable for a wide range of industrial and medical applications, as well as LED display and lighting solutions.

DDP1200 AC/DC Power Supplies

Rated for IT/Industrial and LED lighting, the DDP1200 series of AC/DC power supplies packs embedded high power, high energy efficiency and exceptional versatility with the built-in DSP and PMBus™ communications protocols into three (3) very compact packages.

ERM AC/DC Rectifiers

A building block of the EPOS Mini DC Power System, the ERM AC/DC rectifier modules are designed and optimized for demanding telecom and industrial applications.

MRC AC/DC Rectifiers

Efore’s DC system rectifiers have been designed for high reliability and high efficiency to significantly reduce capital expenditure requirements and operating costs. Efore rectifiers allow a high degree of power system flexibility and scalability to allow for future system growth.

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