Model NumberPower Out Max (W)Input Voltage (VAC)V1 Out Nom (V)Output Current Max (A)Cooling
DDP1200-US24-FF120085 - 3052450Fan-cooledMore info
Product Specifications
Max # Outputs1
V2 Out (V)+5
I2 Out (A)1
V3 Out (V)+12
I3 Out (A)0.5
Efficiency Rating (%)94
Operating Altitude (m)5000
Operating temperature range-20 to +70°C
SafetyUL/IEC/EN 60950-1, UL 8750, CE, Demko
Control & MonitoringPMBus™, DSP
The DDP1200 Front-fan series of AC/DC High Power for LED Lighting offers high operating efficiency, high embedded power and exceptional versatility with built-in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and PMBus™ communications protocols, for enhanced monitoring and control.

Rated for IT/Industrial and LED lighting, the DDP1200 series of AC/DC power supplies is available in five (5) low profile, 1U compatible packages, each designed for specific cooling conditions that best suit space constrained and power demanding designs. 

The DDP1200 series delivers a steady 1000 W over the full input voltage range of 85 – 305 VAC, or a steady 1200 W from 180 VAC and above input line voltage. The series is currently available in a 24 VDC single nominal output voltage with additional 12 and 48 VDC single output
variants in development. The dual front-mounted fan version provides the full output rated load up to 60°C regardless of its orientation, which eases integration into power demanding systems. The dual fan rotation speed is digitally controlled to guarantee the minimum required airflow, minimizing audible noise for those environments where quiet operation is required. The DDP1200 is parallelable for redundant and/or higher power applications, facilitated by the internal OR-ing and current sharing functions.

The series offers both analog and digital controls. The analog signals include DC Power-OK, PS-Inhibit, voltage adjustment, remote sense and current share controls. The digital control uses the standard PMBus protocol which allows communications and data logging between power supply and system. Monitoring includes input voltage, output voltages (+V1, +12VSB and +5VSB), input current, output current (on +V1), current sharing, thermal health, fan health, life hours, power supply and status information. Additional alarm signals include fan
fault, protections failure (OV, OC, OT) and voltages out of specification. An LED visually indicates power supply status.



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