Efore’s ROAL brand of constant voltage LED power supplies offer high reliability, long-life and are suitable for a variety of lighting applications including stadium and entertainment, retail and refrigeration displays, decorative and accent, high bay, and large format high definition LED displays.

SES100 Constant Voltage LED Power Supplies

The new SES100-US24-C is a dimmable constant voltage LED power supply. It provides a single 24V output with PWM dimming from a 0-10V input. Integrated junction boxes are provided for both AC input and PWM output connections. These compact power supplies are suitable for use in suspended ceiling gird low voltage lighting systems.

GELO Constant Voltage LED Power Supplies

Designed for powering LEDs in commercial & industrial lighting applications, GELO 100W constant voltage LED power supplies are perfect for use in refrigeration, retail display and sign applications.

STRATO 35 Constant Voltage LED Power Supplies

Optimized to deliver the maximum lumens per watt in the smallest packages, Strato 35 constant voltage LED power supplies are the perfect choice for new commercial and residential LED lighting applications with limited space for electronics.

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