Programmable LED drivers allow designers and assembly lines to personalize key output characteristics. Today's LED Lighting designers require more sophisticated technology from the power sources they choose in order to maximize the performance of their lighting fixture designs. Efore's ROAL brand of intelligent LED Drivers are packed with advanced features, unsurpassed efficiencies, and user-managed controls, allowing designers to effortlessly meet the challenges they face.


STRATO EVO Programmable LED Driver

The new STRATO EVO 40W LED driver is the only driver that combines wired and wireless RFID programmability, wide range output voltage adjustability, multiple dimming options and flicker-free operation (Title 24 compliant) into a super compact package that is still smaller than a standard business card.
Programmable led drivers from EFORE

Meso 50 Wireless RFID Programmable LED Drivers

MESO 50 is the only “all-in-one” 50W driver platform that offers compact size, worldwide input, the industry's first multi-unit RFID wireless programmability, and multiple dimming options, and is ideal for indoor, outdoor and architectural applications.

Ozone 150 Programmable LED Drivers

The Ozone 150W series integrates many intelligent functions, such as adjustable dimming, soft start and constant light feature, plus complimentary software and user friendly programmability that may be used to set all of the driver’s features. A dedicated case accessory enables the unit to be used in remote gear applications.

Wired Programming Tools

Efore’s ROAL brand Programmable LED drivers allow designers and assembly lines to personalize key output characteristics.

Wireless RFID Programming Tools

Efore’s ROAL brand innovative wireless RFID programming is game changing technology and offers measurable benefits to lighting fixture designers by enabling simultaneous feature set programming of key output characteristics across single or multiple devices without the need to remove product from their packaging.

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