In order to provide reliable performance in the toughest conditions, EFORE offers our family of compact, environmentally sealed power supplies available in varying Ingress Protection ratings as per IEC 60529 up to IP67 to fit our customers’ exact needs.

DDP400HV Sealed Power Supplies

Ultra compact and highly efficient, the high input voltage DDP400HV series of single output AC/DC power supplies provides a steady or continuous 400W of regulated DC power through the full input voltage range.

DDP400 Sealed Power Supplies

The DDP400 sealed AC-DC power supplies are potted and offer IP67 ingress protection. They come in standard voltages of 12V, 24V, 36V and 48V, with auxiliary 12V fan and 5V stand-by outputs.

MDP400 Sealed Power Supplies

Efore's MDP400 medical grade sealed power supplies combine exceptional performance with versatile features into a 38 cubic inch package that fits anywhere with minimal thermal or environmental limitations.

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