Custom and standard power systems for a wide range of demanding industry applications

EFORE is a recognized leader in small (wall mount), medium (rack mount) and large (cabinet) power systems for reliable and efficient Telecom and Data Center power. Our fan-cooled and fan-free solutions provide our customers with quiet and highly dependable power configured to their unique specifications.

We supply power systems for a wide range of demanding applications. Efore power systems are in use in a great variety of industries and geographical areas. Efore is a truly global supplier of power systems with superior reliability.

Extensive experience and selection of DC Power Systems

We have more than 30 years of experience of advanced power system design and development. Customers rely on our power system solutions for running their most business-critical production and other processes.

Our DC power system selection is extensive. Our product ranges are OPUS, EPOS and ESSI, the power system range protected against electromagnetic pulse (EMP). Our systems are supplied as complete packages including structure, rectifiers, control systems and alarm units as well as DC distributions and batteries. The systems can also be equipped with DC/DC converters and inverters.

AC power systems and custom solutions with superior reliability

We are also a supplier of AC Power Systems with market-leading reliability. Our OPUS EIM and OPUS Dual are redundant, fault-tolerant systems for applications where robustness and reliability are required.

Efore has globally-recognized expertise in designing and manufacturing custom power systems, which perfectly complement specific production and process needs of our telecommunications, industrial and utility customers. Please contact us, when the power system products already available on the market are simply not enough. We offer fully-tailored and reliable custom power system solutions in all size classes.

Our rectifiers, inverters and controllers complete our selection of power system solutions with superior reliability.

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