Product Code Description Order number
OPUS EIM Subrack 19" 6U Subrack, 19" x 6U x 300mm, includes data cables, place for static switch, manual bypass and up to 4 inverters 8320X0007106
OPUS EIM Subrack 19" 7U Subrack, 19" x 7U x 300mm, includes data and paralleling cables, place for up to 6 inverters 8320X0007105
VIDI SAM Kit Adapter kit required for remote monitoring of inverters and bypass module 8320X0004402
EBPU69130VF External static switch, 6000VA 230 Vac, 14TE x 6U x 372mm 5A000503
EMBP68060 Manual bypass and AC distribution unit 5A000504


The OPUS EIM inverter system is a redundant, fault tolerant system, and provides an optimal solution when continuous operation and long battery service life are required. OPUS EIM has a modular construction and fits in standard 19" racks and cabinets.

The OPUS EIM inverter solution is an integrated inverter power system designed for use in applications where very high reliability of the AC supply is required. The OPUS EIM's modular design ensures maximum flexibility to configure solutions to customer’s requirements. OPUS EIM inverter modules may be combined with a static switch, manual bypass, AC distribution and 3-phase synchronization modules. The EIM inverter modules are high efficiency, to 90%.

Integration into one of the Efore DC power systems is possible with VIDI+ controller, temperature sensors and battery monitoring.

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