OPUS Battery Fuse Box

  • Wall Mountable Fuse Box for Battery Installations
  • Switch Fuse Protection
  • Configurable Fuse Link
  • Up to 125A
Product Datasheet


OPUS Battery Cabinet For Front Terminal Batteries

  • 4 Battery shelves 320 x 530 x 595 mm
  • User terminals 35 mm (8 pcs)
  • Cable entry from top, neoprene cable glands (optional bottom cable entry)
  • Adjustable legs
Product Datasheet


OPUS IC Battery Cabinets with Switch Fuse Protection

  • Battery shelves for up to 4 x 48V/190Ah batteries
  • Switch fuse protected battery strings (4 x 125A NH00 – fuse monitoring)
  • Cable entry from top
  • Ventilation output on the top
  • Adjustable legs
  • Strong welded structure
  • Top lifting eyes
Product Datasheet



OPUS accessories are options that may be added to a DC power system to provide additional capabilities or support in system installation.

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