In order to support our customers’ higher power needs, EFORE offers rack mountable power conversion modules that are parallelable up to 100kW. Our hot-swappable modules with full-front-access are ideal for N+1 redundant primary and back-up power configurations.

Epos Mini Rack-Mount Power Systems

The 19" rack-mount EPOS Mini is a modular DC power system designed to supply uninterrupted DC power for demanding telecom and industrial applications. Systems provide 300 watts to 2400 watts at 48 and 60 Vdc outputs.

Opus C 7U Rack-Mount Power Systems

OPUS C DC 19" rack power systems are robust, free convection cooled, N+1 redundant backup power solutions for critical infrastructure applications such as transmission and distribution substations, telecommunications and process control industries.

Opus C 12U Rack-Mount Power Systems

OPUS C 12U 19" rack-mount DC power systems are compact and robust. They provide a free convection cooled, N+1 redundant backup power solution for telecommunications, process industry, transmission and distribution substations and other critical infrastructure applications.

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