DC Systems Rectifiers

Efore’s DC system rectifiers have been designed for high reliability and high efficiency to significantly reduce capital expenditure requirements and operating costs. Efore rectifiers allow a high degree of power system flexibility and scalability to allow for future network growth.

DC Power Systems Converters

The new OPUS EDC DC/DC converters are modular in design, and can be easily integrated into the OPUS family of DC power systems, or used separately in other applications.

AC Power System Inverters

Inverters are needed in battery back up systems to provide AC power for computers, printers and other control room equipment. Available with 230 VAC outputs and 24, 48, 60, 110, 125, 220 VDC input voltages, these inverter systems may be integrated into Efore's DC power cabinets,

Controllers for DC and AC Power Systems

EFORE DC system controllers offer highly advanced and user-friendly system monitoring, control, and communications options. Onboard intelligence provides automated, fast and easy first time system setup with a default configuration file or factory customized parameters.

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