At Efore, environmental responsibility means continuously developing environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products while minimizing the environmental impact of all our operations. Our products are designed to be energy-efficient, and we strictly control the use of materials. Efore commits to set a public target to reduce the CO2 emissions aligned with the 1.5°C-target set by the Paris Agreement.  

Our environmental approach covers the entire product life cycle, from design to recycling or disposal at the end of its life. Efore’s environmental systems are developed, maintained, and certified according to the ISO 14001 standard. We actively contribute to, drive, and follow new regulations in recycling. 

Efore’s products meet the requirements of the European Union’s WEEE Directive and are produced in compliance with the RoHS Directive, using lead-free production processes and components that meet the Directive’s criteria. We organize electronic waste recycling in cooperation with carefully selected partners. Additionally, environmental aspects are included in the selection of suppliers and subcontractors, and these companies are expected to continuously improve their operations towards increased environmental friendliness. 

Efore’s environmental policy emphasizes compliance with the ISO 14001 standard and other relevant requirements, regular checking of environmental performance, continuous improvement, environmental awareness, and active communication with all stakeholders. 

Cornerstones of our environmental policy

Efore’s environmental policy commits us to

  • Consider environmental aspects in all functions and all actions.
  • Aim to reduce environmental impact in advance, through continuous improvement.
  • Provide guidelines for developing environmental programs.
  • Following environmental legislations.
  • Maintaining the welfare and safety of our personnel.
  • Help improve our customersenvironmental performance. 
  • Following and developing our suppliers’ environmental capabilities.

Part of the environment and society

Efore is committed to caring for our shared environment and considering environmental aspects in all our activities. We comply with current environmental legislation and regulations. Our environmental policy aims to continuously improve our activities to reduce the environmental impact of both our products and operations. We favor economically and technically feasible solutions that conserve natural resources and aim to avoid environmental damage. We educate our stakeholders about environmental matters and take their feedback into account. We promote the welfare of our personnel by maintaining a safe and satisfying working environment. 


We enhance our customers’ environmental efficiency and bolster our competitiveness by anticipating and meeting the needs and expectations of our customers and stakeholders. Our high-quality, long-lasting, and efficient power and energy storage systems empower customers to utilize renewable energy more effectively, significantly reducing their reliance on fossil fuels. 


We pay attention to our suppliers’ environmental behavior and require them to meet environmental legislation and other regulations. We support and encourage our suppliers to develop their own environmental activities. 

As a provider of power equipment and lithium batteries, we play a crucial role in reducing carbon footprints, not only for us as a company but also in contributing to a carbon-neutral world through increased investments in research and development and a focus on innovation. 


All Efore personnel are responsible for managing resources in an efficient, economical, and environmentally sound manner. We promote environmental awareness by providing environmental training for our personnel and running a company-wide suggestion scheme for environmental issues.

Green Commitment

We are dedicated to reducing our carbon emissions by 50% by the end of 2030. Our calculations for carbon emissions are based on the GHG Protocol, which provides comprehensive, globally standardized frameworks for measuring and managing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions across both private and public sector operations, value chains, and mitigation efforts. 

Currently, we are actively measuring and managing carbon emissions under Scope 1, Scope 2, and business travel within Scope 3. We are also exploring and gathering data to effectively measure the relevant categories of the remaining Scope 3 emissions, focusing on identifying the most significant sources. 

Our commitment extends to leveraging our influence to improve measurement and reduction of Scope 3 emissions across our industry sector. As part of our strategy, we plan to collect comprehensive data and establish a robust baseline by the end of 2024. Through these efforts, we aim to set a leading example in sustainability and significantly contribute to global climate goals. 

 We began measuring our carbon emissions in 2019 when we had operations in Finland, Sweden, and China. In 2022, we expanded by establishing a new manufacturing facility in Thailand. We continuously monitor and follow up on each operation, taking actions to reduce our footprint, as each location has its own constraints, limitations, and possibilities. Efore’s initial environmental baseline figure is 219,854 kg. 

Result 2023

The total carbon emission metrics was 184662 kg. 


Figure 1. Carbon metrics during 2022-2023 

Emission Reduction Achievements 

Compared to 2022, we reduced Scope 1 emissions by approximately 16% and Scope 2 emissions by 38%. However, Scope 3 emissions from business travel increased by 80%, resulting in a slight overall increase of 1%. This increase in travel is attributed to the pent-up demand from the pandemic period, during which travel was heavily restricted. We have policies to minimize the need for travel as much as possible, leveraging IT tools and policy directives to support this effort.  However, we anticipate maintaining 2023 travel levels will be higher than 2022 levels.    

Commitment to Sustainable Expansion

Efore is currently in an expansion phase, which necessitates travel to support our market and global customers. However, our long-term goal is to establish a local support organization that will significantly reduce our travel requirements. 

In the short term, we have revised our travel policy to include environmental compensation measures wherever possible to mitigate the increase in carbon emissions. 

Additionally, we are exploring further actions to reduce Scope 2 emissions, such as utilizing self-produced solar energy and implementing energy storage solutions where feasible. 

Through these initiatives, we are committed to mitigating the environmental impact of our operations while continuing to provide excellent service to our global customers. 



All of Efore sites are certified according to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and ISO 14001 Environmental Management System.

ISO 9001 Quality




ISO 14001 Environmental




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